HV Connectors

Reentrant connectors allow standard coaxial cable to be used as high voltage charging lines, transmission lines between a pulsed power source and load, or Pulse Forming Lines (PFL's). These connectors consist of a two-component plug assembly and mating jack. The maximum continuous or pulsed operating conditions are determined by the cable itself. Please consult the cable manufacturer for detailed specifications and recommendations. The outer insulation and braided shield are stripped leaving a length of center conductor that passes completely through the connector. The prepared end of the cable is inserted through the threaded component of the plug and the sleeve is then soldered to a short length of exposed braid. Therefore the shield of the cable must always be at ground potential. Instructions for cable preparation and all parts required for installation are provided with each connector.

The HN-58 connector is designed for panel mounting (0.060-0.188 inch thickness) [1.5-4.8 mm thickness] and power supply applications. The hv terminal within the insulating tube consists of a Multi-Contact socket. A companion pin plug is included with the kit thereby insuring secure contact with the center conductor of the user's coaxial cable. A 60-cm length of hv wire then connects to the user's circuit. These connectors are designed for use in standard atmospheric conditions.

HN-68, -70, -78, -88 and -89 connectors are designed for capacitor charging or pulse transmission and the center conductor is attached to the user's apparatus using the most convenient means, such as direct soldering, Multi-Contact plug-socket sets, etc. These connectors are solid brass with nickel or silver plating as applicable. The plug and jack both employ O-ring seals so these connectors may be used with pressurized systems (e.g., Marx generators) or experimental chambers at modest vacuum. Note that some coaxial cables require additional preparation for complete sealing.

  Additional technical information and an installation guide may be obtained by clicking on the model number in the following table.

Reentrant Connectors
Model Typical
Max. DC
Voltage, kV
Max. Pulsed
Voltage, kV
kPa (psig)
HN-58 HV power supplies
Capacitor charging
N/A Air or
HN-68 Capacitor charging
Low-current pulse lines
RG-217/U 70 120 410 (60) Air, SF6
or Oil
HN-70 Capacitor charging
Low-current pulse lines
410 (60) Air, SF6
or Oil
HN-78 mini-Marx generators
(e.g., 60 ns, 10 kA)
RG-218/U 100 500 410 (60) Air, SF6
or Oil
HN-88 Large charge-transfer
pulse lines (to 80 kA)
DS-2248 100 100 410 (60) Air, SF6
or Oil
HN-89 mini-Marx generators
(e.g., 60 ns, 10 kA)
DS-2134 200 400 410 (60) Air, SF6
or Oil
DS denotes Dielectric Sciences, Inc. (Chelmsford, Massachussets USA)

Model HN-58 connector assembly

Model HN-78 components

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