The need to deliver high energy over a short duration (pulsed power) arises in many high-technology pursuits in industry, defense, and research. For example, lasers, accelerators, pulsed plasma sources, magnetic metal formers, and flash x-ray machines all require pulsed power supplies with particular capabilities. Our specialized products include a full line of switchgear, resistors, and trigger generators for pulsed power systems. In addition to the manufacture of individual components, we design, fabricate, and test pulsed power supplies for unique applications. Working closely with the customer during every step, we provide complete turn-key services from initial concept design to final delivery of hardware.

Massively parallel pulsed discharge system for generation of high magnetic fields
(pulsed power system by R. E. Beverly III & Associates, graphic courtesy of
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA)

Domestic and export price lists for our standard products are available on our Sales page. A Short-Form Brochure of our products and services is now available for download!

We routinely modify our standard components for unusual applications or adapt our existing designs for novel requirements. Depending upon the level of complexity, complete turn-key systems can be manufactured typically in 3-4 months after receipt of an order. If you are interested in custom product development, please download and complete our Custom Pulser Questionnaire, Switch Application Questionnaire, or Marx Generator Questionnaire for immediate attention. Inquiries for additional product information are welcome!

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