Software Services

Our software services are directed primarily toward scientific and engineering problems that are not readily solvable using off-the-shelf programs. Application-specific and mathematically complex codes are our specialty. Our scientific staff perform a variety of programming tasks on personal computers, workstations, and minicomputers, and we are facile with the following languages and tools:

  • Visual C++™
  • Visual KAP™
  • Visual Fortran
  • Visual Test
  • Fortran 77/90/95
  • AutoCAD®
  • Mathcad®
  • PSI-Plot™
  • SPICE A/D Simulator
  • TopDown® Flowcharter
  • COMSOL® Multi-Physics
  • Visual Optics Bench
  • Adobe Acrobat®
  • CorelDRAW™
  • Seagate Crystal Reports™

Numerous platforms and operating systems (Microsoft Windows® 32/64 bit, Digital VAX/VMS™, Digital/Compaq OpenVMS™, Unix, etc.) are available in-house and our expertise includes

We subscribe to the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice. A printable PDF version is available from the IEEE Computer Society.

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