R. E. Beverly III and Associates was founded in 1978 to perform contract research and development for government and industry. Fields of research encompass several areas of applied physics, including laser development, laser applications, and computational physics. Drawing from our extensive R&D experience, we also manufacture components for pulsed power systems as well as complete turn-key systems, design and build unique instrumentation for research, and develop specialized scientific & engineering software for modeling, data acquisition, and analysis. On-site facilities include well-equipped machine and electronics shops and a gas-discharge physics laboratory.

Our customer base consists of universities, government laboratories, and industrial companies, both foreign and domestic. A representative listing of our clients includes

as well as numerous companies that cannot be listed because of our proprietary business relationships. Please also see our list of publications.

If you represent a US Government entity, we are a CCR registrant (CAGE code supplied upon request). Thank you for your interest!

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