Application Guides and Reference Materials

Application Guide for Aqueous-Electrolyte Resistors
Application Guide for SG-Series Spark-Gap Switches (newly revised)
Application Note 101: Care and Feeding of Spark-Gap Switches
Application Note 102: Massively Paralleled Systems
Application Note 103: Installation of Switch Couplers
Application Note 104: Poco-Graphite Trigger Electrodes
Application Note 105: Transmission Lines - A Basic Primer on Strip Lines
Application Note 106: Mitigation of Prefiring in High Voltage Switches
Application Note 107: Coincidence Detection Systems for Multi-Switch Pulsed Power
Application Note 108: Dielectric Replacement in Tektronix P6015 HV Probes
Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Plasma Formulary (Revised 2013)
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) Plasma Formulary (Revised 2013)
Measurement of Electrical Quantities in Pulse Power Systems NBS Special Publication 628 (June, 1982)

Data Sheets

MM-101 Mini-Marx Generators
PG-103D Trigger Control Unit
PG-108B OEM Trigger Module
PG-108HP OEM High-Power Trigger Module
PG-108A-AC OEM Trigger Module
R-100 Aqueous-Electrolyte Resistor
R-201 Aqueous-Electrolyte Resistor
SG-Series Spark-Gap Switches (newly revised)
SG-101BM Trigatron Switch
SG-102BM, SG-112BM and SG-122BM Passive Switches
SG-103BM, SG-113BM and SG-123BM Laser Switches
SG-104B Trigatron Switch
SG-105B Passive Switch
SG-111BM Trigatron Switch
SG-121BM Trigatron Switch
SG-124BM Field-Distortion Switch
SG-131M High-Average Power Trigatron Switch
SG-141M High-Average Power Trigatron Switch
SG-151M High-Coulomb Trigatron Switch
SG-171BM High-Current Trigatron Switch
SG-172CM High-Coulomb Trigatron Switch
SG-173BM High-Current Trigatron Switch
SG-174M High-Coulomb Trigatron Switch
SG-181BM High-Current Trigatron Switch
SG-182 Trigatron Switch (drives 4 DS-2248 coaxial cables) - available upon request
SG-183 Field-Distortion Switch (drives 4 DS-2248 coaxial cables) - available upon request
SG-184M High-Current Field-Distortion Switch
SG-185 200-kV Field-Distortion Switch (in preparation)
THD-05 Trigger Head
THD-06 Trigger Head
THD-06HP High-Power Trigger Head
TR-91 Trigger Transformer

Mechanical Outline Drawings (AutoCAD® DWG format)

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Custom Pulser Questionnaire
Mini-Marx Generator Questionnaire
Custom Switch Questionnaire

User's Guides

DL-101 Dummy Load User's Guide
DL-102 Dummy Load User's Guide
DL-109 Dummy Load User's Guide
HN-58 Connector Installation Guide
HN-68 Connector Installation Guide
HN-70 Connector Installation Guide
HN-78 Connector Installation Guide
HN-88 Connector Installation Guide
PG-103D Trigger Control Unit User's Guide
PG-108B OEM Trigger Module User's Guide
PG-108HP OEM High-Power Trigger Module User's Guide
PG-108A-AC OEM Trigger Module User's Guide
R-100 Aqueous-Electrolyte Resistor User's Guide
THD-05 Trigger Head User's Guide (in preparation)
THD-06 Trigger Head User's Guide
THD-06HP High-Power Trigger Head User's Guide

Price Lists and Miscellaneous

Short-Form Catalog
End-User Certification for Domestic Sales
End-User Certification for Export Sales
Export FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
Domestic (US & Canada) Price List
Export Price List (NEW LOWER PRICES!)
Terms and Conditions of Sale
Special Sale Offerings! (discounted specials on selected switches, trigger generators, resistors, and other pulsed power components)

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