Gas Distribution Panels

Spark-gap switches require careful control of the internal gas pressure and flow rate. We recommend a two-stage pressure regulator on the inlet side and a flow meter with control valve on the outlet side. For pulsed power systems with multiple switches, we offer custom gas distribution and control panels that allow individual adjustment of pressure and flow rate. These panels are available with either manual or electronic (computer interface) controls. 19-inch panels of various heights are standard; customized panel colors and lettering are included in the design.

Custom Panel for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
(Omega Pinch Machine)

The panel shown above controls 2 main switches, 2 crowbar switches, and the switch within a custom trigger generator. Different gases and/or gas mixtures are possible and all lines are equipped with sub-micron particulate filters. High-precision regulators maintain the pressure set-point to within 0.010 psig (69 Pa).

Gas distribution panels are built on a custom basis for the individual user's application. Please consult us for recommendations and pricing. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Inquiries for additional product information are welcome!

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