Magnum Marx Generators

Marx generators are useful short-pulse, high-voltage sources for materials research, EMP studies, flash X-ray production, and microwave generation. Our proprietary technology utilizes a significant scaling of the photo-triggering technique to construct modular systems with high peak power and low internal impedance. The on-axis switch column is isolated from the surrounding dielectric medium, which allows independent control of breakdown and erection characterisitcs by selection of the gas or gas mixture and regulation of the internal switch pressure. Insulating gas (namely sulfur hexafluoride) is employed rather than oil and the system is therefore simpler to reconfigure and maintain. Each module consists a multiple capacitors, a switch, and charging/discharging resistors all mounted on a anti-corona ring ("toroid"). A proprietary suspension system levitates and locates the interlocking modules colinear to the axis of the pressure vessel, thus permitting horizontal operation.

MV-1 Marx Generator:
1 MV peak erection voltage, 10 kJ stored energy, 17 Ohms internal impedance, 35 GW peak power,
50 kA peak current; shown with companion DL-104 dummy load, control console, and HV power supply

The MV-1 generator is the world's largest and most powerful photo-triggered system. The output coupler may be connected to a load either in air or in vacuum, to a 17-Ohm transmission line (TL-17), or to a dummy load (DL-104). POM (Delrin®) is the dielectric insulator of choice and MultiLam® bands (a product of MultiContact, Switzerland) embedded within the female connectors insure reliable electrical contact between center conductors. Rapid system reconfiguration is therefore possible.

DL-104 aqueous-electrolyte dummy load:
44-cm pulse line, 17-Ohm line impedance, 6.5-liter
volume, 3-120 Ohm adjustable load resistance
(Na2CO3 solution)
TL-17 transmission line:
51-cm line extension with stainless-steel housing,
Conflat® flanges, and graded nylon insulator

Magnum Marx generators are available solely on a custom-order basis and sales are offered only to end users within the USA, Canada, and NATO countries. If you have serious interest in our magnum Marx generators, then please complete our Marx Generator Questionnaire for immediate attention. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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