Tubular Resistor End Caps

Tubular ceramic resistor are widely used in pulsed power applications. Available from several manufacturers, these resistors are typically 25 mm (1 inch) in diameter and come in various lengths according to the voltage and pulsed energy rating. Silver is flashed onto the ends for electrical contact. Our model ENDCAP-100 provides a convenient method for surface mounting and electrical connection. Mating Cu-Be finger stock holds the resistor securely without danger of fracture during thermal excursions.

Model ENDCAP-100
(typcial application)

Model ENDCAP-100
(interior and end views)

Tapped M4 holes on the top and bottom give various options for mounting and electrical connection. The ends come with 1/8-inch NPT tapped holes that add the capability for forced cooling when immersed in a dielectric medium such as transformer oil. Our end caps are machined from solid aluminum rod stock and then Alodine® treated to stabilize the surface and prevent corrosion.

Pricing for standard end caps may be obtained from the links given on our Sales page. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Inquiries for additional product information are welcome!

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