Solid-State Pulse Generators

Custom pulse generators are available for unique and demanding applications that fall outside the scope of commercial systems. In general, our pulsed-power development projects fall into one of the following two categories:

although an overlap in the current-voltage capabilities exists for these two technologies. Our services are available from concept definition to delivery of turn-key hardware including system engineering, specialized component design and fabrication, and final assembly and testing.

Representative solid-state projects include

CP-106 very-low-impedance pulser:
50-1000 ns, 100-500 V, 50-180 A,
0-100 Hz
CP-107 pulser with parallel coaxial
PFLs and krytron switch: 10-100 ns,
2-4 kV, 20-150 A

Custom trigger generator with
external control options
Multichannel digital trigger delay

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Let us develop a special-purpose pulser to your exacting specifications. Please refer to our publications list for further information. If you are interested in custom product development, please download and complete our Pulser Questionnaire. Your standard-product inquiries are also invited.

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