Trigger Modules (OEM)

We offer three trigger modules designed for OEM applications. All are entirely solid-state designs that are compatible with virtually all commercially-available trigger transformers from Excelitas, E2V Technologies, Hyacinth Technologies, etc. We also offer our own TR-91 proprietary trigger transformer that features very fast rise time (<360 ns), high voltage output (>40 kV), and exceptional isolation (50 kV). The trigger transformer is connected to a terminal block on the module. (Trigger transformers sold separately.)

Models are available with different power supply requirements. All are capable of 25-50 Hz repetition rates (tranformer dependent), while the PG-108HP module is capable of continuous operation at 200 Hz and intermittent operation to 500 Hz. The model suffix denotes the maximum drive voltage and variants are available up to 1500 V. Modules are supplied as a self-contained printed circuit board with high-voltage charging supply, capacitive energy store, IGBT switch, and various input/output options. An external command signal fires the pulser and both electrical and fiber-optic inputs are available. Our trigger modules are tailored to the exact trigger transformer for optimal performance. When integrated with our trigatron switches in a carefully designed system, these modules can achieve a timing jitter of <10 ns. Further information is available from the following data sheets:

Pricing for OEM trigger modules and transformers is by quotation only and attractive discounts are available for quantity (>5) purchases. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Inquiries for additional product information are welcome!

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