Trigger Generators

We manufacture standard, OEM, and custom trigger generators for our switchgear. Standard trigger generators are designed to fire our trigatron switches and consist of (1) a PG-103D control unit, (2) FO-xx fiber-optic link where xx equals the length in meters, and (3) THD-series trigger head with fast trigger transformer. Each control unit can fire up to 4 trigger heads with internally programmable delays. Operating modes include single-pulse (manual fire), external trigger, and internal oscillator for repetitive firing. TTL outputs (sync and complement sync) are available for use with external instrumentation such as an oscilloscope. A recharge command signal on the rear panel (gate) is provided for synchronizing and controlling an external constant-power charging supply. Fiber-optic cables are available in standard 10- and 20-m lengths or custom lengths by special order. Fiber-optic links eliminate the effects of electrical noise at the control unit. The trigger head consists of a trigger module and proprietary trigger transformer with interconnecting cable. When ordered with one of our trigatron switches, the trigger circuit is factory wired for your application thus affording plug-and-play operation. Click on the links in the following table for detailed specifications.

Standard Trigger Heads
Max. output voltage (kV) ~45 ~40 ~50
Pulse rise time (ns) <300 <400 <400
Pulse duration (ns) <270 <700 <700
Pulse reproducibility (%) ±3 or better ±2 or better ±2 or better
Transformer isolation (kV) 60 60 60
Internal delay (ns)* 90 ± 5 300 ± 5 300 ± 5
Max. repetition rate (pps) 10 25 200 (500 burst)
Trigger input Fiber-optic Fiber-optic Fiber-optic
Optional trigger input None Electrical Electrical
Nominal input voltage Internal Li-ion
battery with
external charger
100-240 VAC
50/60 Hz
15 VA
100-240 VAC
50/60 Hz
50 VA
Dimensions (in) [cm]
height x width x depth
4.12 x 6.48 x 10.32
[10.5 x 16.5 x 26.2]
3.39 x 6.03 x 7.67
[8.6 x 15.3 x 19.5]
3.39 x 6.03 x 7.67
[8.6 x 15.3 x 19.5]
Trigger transformer Internal External External
Shipping weight (lbs) [kg] 7 [3] 6 [3] 8 [4]
(weeks after order)
4-6 1-4 1-4
*Defined as the time difference between the leading edge of the optical trigger pulse and 10% of Vmax.

Special options on a custom or semi-custom basis are available as follows:

Pricing for standard trigger generators may be obtained from the links given on our Sales page. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Inquiries for additional product information are welcome!

Model PG-103D control unit, FO-01 fiber cable, and THD-06 trigger head with transformer and coaxial cable.

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